Environ Anti-Pollution Sprtiz - Product Feature

Seeing a change in your skin quality from wearing a mask? There are many skin pollutants trapped between the mask and your skin which could be contributing to signs such as redness, sensitivity, inflammation, breakouts, and dryness. Now, more than ever, it's time to give your skin complete protection.

Try Environ’s new Anti-Pollution Spritz to help shield your skin throughout the day, and Anti-Pollution Masque at night for its soothing, purifying hydrating effects. Complete protection for #CityComfort.

Science is unlocking the mysteries of the skin’s microbiome. It's known that exposure to UV light, urban pollutants and stress can disrupt the delicate biodiversity of good bacteria in your unique skin microbiome which is integral for healthy skin barrier functioning. How can you tell if your skin is suffering pollution's disruptive effects? Look for signs of imperfections, redness and sensitivity.

The ingenious science behind Environ's NEW Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Spritz includes the powerful effects of a potent new ingredient, Actibiome® which helps to rebalance your skin’s microbiome for healthy-looking skin. #EnvironSkinCareSA #CityComfort