Infrared Sauna Therapy (Thermotherapy)

Thermotherapy is a method of warm treatment, which is widely applied to cosmetology and physiotherapy.

Making use of the principle of electric and magnetic penetration and magnetic resonance to quickly lead the heat energy deep into the skin layer (3-5cm), in short, which is able to promote the bodies metabolism, increase blood and lymph circulation, make blood vessels expand so that oxygen is added to blood, enhancing the activity of the lymph system, effectively expel harmful cells and toxins, burning and dissolving redundant solid fat, which will discharge out from bodies sweat glands.

Combine with the slimming therapies, the effect of treating fat/cellulite and areolar tissue would be much more significant. This principle can improve chronic inflammation ( kind of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, strain of lumbar muscles), chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and congestive heart failure, relieve pain, relax muscles, eliminate tiredness, and balancing the endocrine system thus calming down nerves. Decreased quality of life in diabetic patients is associated with poor health outcomes. Far-infrared saunas have a beneficial effect on the quality of life in those with type two diabetes. In some cases, type two diabetes was even reported to have been reversed in some patients. Suitable for clinics, spas and health centres.

30min = 700 Calories Burned

R250 - 1 Session

R900 - 4 Sessions