Its time to.... REWILD YOUR SKIN

The world’s leading probiotic skincare brand, ESSE, has stepped-up their skin health advice in light of the global COVID-19 health pandemic. With most of the population in lockdown, never has there been a more suitable time to strengthen, protect and care for our skin.

Increasingly, the skin’s essential barrier function has become damaged - showing signs of redness, inflammation, stinging, dehydration, itchiness and acne flare-ups. A combination of factors lead to the weakening of the barrier function including stress, lack of sleep, environmental damage, the overuse of exfoliating agents and, when left untreated, this impairment can lead to skin disorders including dryness, rosacea, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis.

Probiotics shift the skin’s ecology to favour a harmonious ecosystem that is healthy enough to resist attacks from pathogens, reducing the impact of ageing on the skin. This is known as rewilding and is the first step to rebuilding the barrier function for healthy, glowing skin.

Pioneers in biotechnology, ESSE creates groundbreaking probiotic product formulations, treatments and technologies to deliver results and unrivalled efficacy for at-home application. ESSE feeds the skin with beneficial microbes that compete with pro-ageing species and feeds with prebiotic nutrients to improve the texture, tone and condition of the skin.