Probiotics Explained..

In the coming years, probiotics will become as important in skincare as they are in gut health - for Esse, the future is now.⁠

Each of us is a complex mix of microbes and human cells.

There are more microbes in your body than human cells. It’s safe to say, to know who you are, you need to know your microbiome.

How can you restore the delicate balance that has been lost through industrial skincare in your treatment room?

By restoring a diverse ecosystem, you can restore the skin to its wild state and bring about balance. This can be done by:

  • leaving as much sebum on the skin as possible by avoiding harsh surfactants and over-cleansing.
  • ensuring an intact barrier function and actively reducing inflammation.
  • rewilding the skin with live probiotics.

These small steps alone will bring the skin back to life, keeping it healthier, radiant and younger-looking.