Clean Slate | cleanse + renew body wash

Clean Slate | cleanse + renew body wash

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clean slate is a versatile, gentle and effective body wash for all skin types, day and night. contains exfoliators so that your skin is not only cleansed, but also renewed. african botanics and adaptogens, alongside a conditioning agent, leave your skin feeling hydrated and non-stripped after use.

product heroes:

🌰 lactic acid and living stones to revitalise and renew.

🌿 willow leaf extract (bha) to reduce excess oil and clear pores.

💧 cape aloe and resurrection plant for a hydrated, non-stripped feeling.


good for:  

🧴 versatile body wash that's effective and nonstripping, for all skin types.

 does not contain sulphates.

🫧 combination of foaming and conditioning agents for clean, hydrated skin.

🔬 actives that exfoliate the skin and adaptogens that leave the skin feeling renewed.

⚡️ great for reducing excess oil and clearing your pores.