Sensitive Skin Trial Pack

Sensitive Skin Trial Pack

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Starter set for sensitive skin

A selection of 4 generous sized (+-30 days) sensitive skin products to begin your rewilding journey. The set is ideal to try the range, for travel or as a gift.

Set contains:​

  • 50ml Sensitive Cleanser – this pH-balanced, creamy cleanser has been formulated to minimise irritation to sensitive skin while still removing make-up effectively.​
  • 30ml Sensitive Mist – with probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients to support a state of equilibrium in the skin’s microbiome, while improving skin hydration. ​
  • 20ml Hydro Moisturiser – probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients are included in an ultra-gentle, light Aloe base to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.​
  • 12ml Protect Oil – Ximenia Oil shields sensitive skin, offering it all round protection from environmental stressors.

For best results, follow the below guideline on how to use your set:​

Weeks 1 & 2: Start with the Sensitive Cleanser, Protect Oil and Hydro Moisturiser. We recommend using the Sensitive Cleanser in the evenings to remove make-up and sunscreen, and a rinse with lukewarm water in the mornings. ​

For extremely sensitive skins start with the Sensitive Cleanser and Protect Oil only, slowly introducing the Hydro Moisturiser. ​

Week 3: Introduce the Sensitive Mist three times per week before moisturizing. ​

Week 4: Increase to daily use of the Sensitive Mist while monitoring your skin to ensure it is thriving on its new routine. ​

Week 5: Consider a visit to an Esse Expert for a skin analysis to support the next phase of your skin rewilding journey.